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Why go with Snorkel Maui?

Ann will show you how to recognize Hawaii’s colorful marine species and their individual behaviors. You’ll leave the water saying things like “did you see how that triggerfish was swimming?” “ That green sea turtle was awesome!” “I saw a goatfish using its barbels to feed!” You will become acquainted with a beautiful and mysterious parallel universe and its unique residents.

"The most educational snorkeling trips on the island."
--Jocelyn K. Fujii, The Best of Hawaii

Reason #1: If you have never snorkeled and/or are afraid of snorkeling this is the easiest way to learn. If you are an experienced snorkeler wishing to learn accurate information about Hawaiian marine life, this is for you. You will be in a small group and will have the expertise of a knowledgeable guide. Since we snorkel from the shoreline you start out in shallow water, not from a boat in deep water.

Reason #2: The best way to learn about something is to actually experience it. We teach about tropical marine life. You will be given a pre-snorkel talk on the marine life we will be seeing, including corals, sea urchins, fishes, turtles, and the distribution of marine life in the tropics. You will understand how unique Hawaii's marine life is. By viewing pictures of the common species you will see what they look like and learn a little about how they are different from one another before you get in the water. Once in the water, your Ann will point out the marine life mentioned in the briefing. After snorkeling for about an hour, we will have a snack and review what we saw. Later, when you snorkel on your own, you will be amazed at how much is familiar to you.

Group size: Minimum of 2 and normally a maximum of 4.


2 people = $129 each + tax (if others sign up for your day, the cost will drop to $99 + tax).

3 or more = $99 each + tax

Private tour of 2 or more = $149 each + tax. Guests with limited water abilities are usually required to book a private tour.

The Hawaii State excise tax of 4% will be added to the price of the tour.

Payment can be made by cash, personal check, travelers checks, or credit card (MC, Visa, AMEX, Discover).

Time: Approximately 7:30 am to 11:30 am (4 hours).

Where we go: Usually in the summer we snorkel in the Kaanapali area, and in the winter, in the Wailea area.

What we provide: Snorkel gear (fins, snorkels, masks, shorty wetsuits), fruit snack after snorkeling, natural history briefings on various topics such as Hawaiian marine life, geology and geography. We go by car to the snorkel sites, not by boat.

What to bring: Towel, waterproof sunscreen that doesn't burn your eyes, hat or visor. Wear your bathing suit under your clothes. Don’t bring valuables that you will leave in your car.

Reservations are required, preferably before you come to Maui. To make a reservation, contact Snorkel Maui by phone (808-572-8437) or by Clicking HERE to contact us. You will need to provide a credit card number to confirm the reservation and we request 24 hours notice of a cancellation. Once you are on Maui, please phone Snorkel Maui to reconfirm and to get the meeting place and time.

Back of the Seat Boutique: Available for purchase on the tour are Ann's three books on Hawaiian marine life (Underwater Guide to Hawaii, Hawaiian Reefs & Tidepools; Sand to Sea), fish I.D. books by John Hoover, and fish I.D. cards.

What do popular guidebooks have to say about Ann Fielding's Snorkel Maui?

From Maui Revealed, the Ultimate Guidebook, 2012, by Andrew Doughty, pg. 226:

"If you're intrigued but nervous about snorkeling, Ann Fielding's Snorkel Maui (572-8437) has a very patient and methodical lesson/tour. …She'll spend several hours with you, getting you used to the gear and water, then lead you along a South Maui tour. ...Ann is a real-life marine biologist with great knowledge, so you'll learn much about our marine environment."

From Fodor's Maui 2012, pg 125:

“For a personal introduction to Maui's undersea universe, this guided tour is the indisputable authority. A marine biologist, Fielding-- formerly with University of Hawaii, Waikiki Aquarium, and the Bishop Museum, and the author of several guides to island sea life--is the Carl Sagan of Hawai’i’s reef cosmos. She'll not only show you fish, but she'll introduce you to individual fish. This is a good experience for dry-behind-the-ears types."

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